Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Wandering and confused

Well I do believe helle has just frozen over. I will not necessarily stay at this blog, but was feeling froggy and decided to see if this blog would let me post. You could have knocked me over with a feather when it not only let my see my dashboard but let me go right to a new post without any trouble! So I may be here from time to time if Wordpress gives me too much trouble. Just as a little FYI for those of you who think it strange that I show up here all out of the blue and all.

Friday, May 23, 2008


Yeah that was a shameless (Garth Brooks sings in my head as I type) stunt I pulled yesterday, but I really was curious to know who reads this and I appreciate you guys stopping by. More crafty pictures should be arriving soon. I've become a bit lazy about it due to the fact that its a bit more difficult to load pictures on Wordpress than it is on blogger. Major bummer and the only thing I would change but I'm thinking I may get a little ambitious here in a sec and run over to Mozilla and cheat on wordpress. Thank you KathiD for the comment on the new look. I liked the green really well but it cut off more than half of my title and then I found out if you don't have a paid account, you can't put in layouts from other sources and save them. What a stinker. Fortunately wordpress has some very nice free layouts and we all know free is good.

Here for your viewing pleasure ma cheries are some crafty pimpin pictures

This one is a mermaid made for me by my partner, Valorie, in the Mermaid Swap over at Bella Enchanted

It inspired me to make this little girl. She's not topless, her shirt just blends in Really well.

And when I got done, I wanted to make more like her so for the first time in my life I made a pattern! I am thinking this may become some sort of swap.
Thats all for now folks. Hope you enjoyed the show and I will be picking a name tomorrow from the comments on yesterday's post to send something to so think about what you ladies might want.

Friday, May 9, 2008

I'm moving

I took KathiD's suggestion and am moving to Wordpress. I like it better already as it allows me to use it on Internet Explorer. So on the off chance that you have me in your feeds, I am now available at Come visit me there as I will not be here any longer!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

F itty f f f f!!!!!!!!

I had a nice disturbed post all planned out for you about how I am a yarn addict and how I'm starting to wonder where have all the bloggers gone? ( to the tune of flowers or cowboys your choice) but after spending half an hour to get into blogger I just wanted to yell F*ck! Yeah see I had to quit using blogger on internet explorer after it signed me out randomly because the sign in page hasn't worked on there since I got back from Florida. It spins and spins and finally comes up with a blank white page that says Not Found Error 404. So I got pissed and then I got smart and ran my little fingers over to my Mozilla Firefox which I don't use as much because with the most recent upgrades I like IE better. (NEVER thought I'd be saying that) So anyway it gives me the same error screen but when I go back to my blog I'm all signed in and when it randomly signs me out I can get to the login screen. Weird I know but if it works I'll ride with it. So I have to change from my primary browser every time I want to make a post or change to my blog which is not conducive to good internet and blog usage. So I was kinda wondering if anyone knows about any other good free blog sites that aren't like Myspace? Cuz I can't afford to pay for the silly thing and could hardly justify it with as few readers as I have, but I like getting on here and talking to myself hoping someone else is listening. Its like having a friend who's mute and has temporary amnesia about the sign language they learned. I can talk about myself all I want and no one can stop me. Its not the same as a journal because journals seem so forced to me sometimes and I like how this just flows. I'm having a mostly one sided conversation with the whole world! How cool is that? I have the tendency to ramble so this is good. And when I get a comment I come back to read it over and over because it makes me so happy to know someone else is out there "listening."

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Ain't misbehavin

Well I had said I wasn't going to post pics of the items I'm making for the mermaid swap on here till I knew my partner had received them but I was sorely tested when I got done taking them for my own records and memories. I have resisted the urge however and will instead post some ATC's I made for a swap on Swap-bot. The thing was May things with wings and I think I captured it well. I'm still fairly new to ATC making and have only made about 8 of them but I really enjoy working on something small that allows me to complete it before the muse runs screaming in the other direction.

Fall Dreams (I actually made this one in November of '07)

Night wings


I had so much fun with these and the others I'm not showing. The background for Metamorphosis was a bunch of acrylics smashed into ink blot type designs on a piece of paper. The moth wings on Night wings were from a science text book from 1940 that I bought for a dollar at a flea market. Fall dreams features a fairy from a Lunesta ad of all things. I use a large variety for my collages and the ATC's are no exception. I'm curious to see what you guys think about these. I will send a set of 3-5 based on a theme of your choice to the lucky winner so tell people about this. This is the beginning of the promised free stuff. Leave me comments ladies and gents.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

April showers.... in May?

Slowly but surely in this coldest section of Helle the May flowers are springing forth. However we had a doozy of a April (May) shower the other day that quite destroyed the northland. I meant to comment on this the day after but got caught up in Garage Sale and couch cover preparations. It wasn't until I read about it on 2 other blogs that I was reminded. So Friday morning I'm sitting on the couch and my step mom calls. She says "how are you guys doing.?" and I reply "We're fine just getting ready for the sale. Pricing the never-ending piles of stuff. You?" She then went on to tell me how my step sister up in Gladstone had half of her neighborhood destroyed. A house fell on a 70 y/o woman, the neighbors car was under several trees and somehow nobody was hurt. Amazing! My step sister's house came through miraculously unscathed but she thinks that the news helicopter may have caught her on video in her pajamas. Not the worst thing that might have happened I'm thinking. I said we'd had lots of thunder and rain but not much else. When I asked my husband about it I found out I was a little wrong. We live south of tornado alley but I-70 runs right in front of our house and often brings the tornadoes right down it as if it were one of those special markers that the little cars follow where you draw. I guess the shop didn't fare quite as well as our little house down in the hollow. The property we live on used to be the home of a self storage business and one of the storage buildings is still standing complete with individual garage doors. Several of these doors were curled by the wind from straight to nice round little bundles just like a nice roll your own. I was rather amazed to learn this as we were unaffected beyond some of our lawn furniture and out door trashcans moving across the driveway. Nowhere near as bad as the storm that blew our heavy duty dog house over and destroyed the privacy fences at the house I own in Higginsville. Pure insanity that one. I say all this and it sounds so horrendous but I lived in California for a good portion of my life and all I can say is you can see a tornado coming. Earthquakes? not so much. Altho I admit we felt the one they had in Illinois a couple weeks ago its just not the same. Give me a storm watch and a basement any day.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Little to report

I just wanted to check in to show my invisibles that I haven't disappeared. I was just uber busy this weekend with the not so stellar garage sale. I made $50 but sold almost nothing. I just sold a couple of high ticket items. Go figure right? Anyway my darling dearest has graciously agreed to let me do it another weekend with sign placement of my choosing this time instead of his. I was to busy to do it myself the first time but that will change this week as all the hard stuff has already been done. I already spent most of my gain on oodles of old lace doilies but I have a lot to show for my money spent because I won't buy them unless they're $1 or less or packaged with several of them. I look for slightly damaged ones because it won't affect what I'm going to use them for. I also got some nice vintage fabric scraps and a couple of weird cute things for the mermaid swap I'm in. Last but not least I have some pictures as usual of family and the kitchen. Its hard to describe my decorating style and so I'm just going to show you all instead. I haven't forgotten about that promise of frees stuff either but am not quite ready for it just yet. Keep watching and pass word about. Yes this is a shameless bid for readership and I'm not sorry to admit it ;) Now the pics.

the kitchen

J10 and J11

J14 holding their newest puppy while she sleeps

I've come to love these girls like the sisters I never had. J12 has been out of the picture for a while due to some bad decisions but I am happy to say that yesterday for the first time in probably more than a year she seemed like the girl I used to know and J11 and I were almost tearful to have our girl back. J10 and J11 having just shy of 2 years between them in age have always been very very close and the rift between them the last year has been hard on J11. I'm so happy to have J12 back to her self and I'm proud of her making her way back from the edge. On another celebratory note yesterday was J11's birthday so happy birthday sis.